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a word for 2017

bringing a baby into the world was undoubtedly the highlight of 2016 (and our lives!), but i’m taken by surprise when i look back at everything else we were able to accomplish this past year. between traveling, renovations, lacrosse commitments, finally opening my own little etsy shop, adding abigail into the mix and trying to figure out my new normal as a stay at home mama… our year was very full.

we couldn’t be more lucky in the baby department and i have loved every second since she was born, even the super-frustrating, both crying, seriously exhausted moments. one of my struggles has been (and i’m sure other parents can relate) feeling like i am not doing enough. when you have a baby that is on the move at not even six months old, your cleaning routine, meal prep and work schedule take a backseat to constantly following this itty bitty human around who refuses to stay still. it’s a lot – but not – at the same time. strange feeling, for sure. i need to work on giving myself grace instead of dwelling on every little “failure” that didn’t get crossed off the checklist.

my word for 2016 was C A L M. at the very least, i tried. but the pressures and anxieties that come with being a mom just wasn’t something i could have prepared myself for.

which leads me to 2017 and what i hope for the year ahead. i hope to be more F A I T H F U L. i know that leaning on Him is the key to a calmer, more simple and content life. instead of viewing my faith as a task to be squeezed into a busy schedule, this year i want to strive for making my faith a way of life.




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