bunches handmade flower co.

happy monday! it feels like forever since i’ve had time to update the blog and that’s because i’ve been working so hard on a new venture that i couldn’t be more excited about.


i’ve always admired people who have a craft and were able to turn it into a business (like my sister!) and have spent many nights wondering how i could make that work for me. i don’t knit, i don’t sew, i don’t have superior graphic design skills. i love flowers, i love vintage, i love photography. how could i combine all three into one fun project to focus on?


i absolutely loved my job at the flower shop and miss it. then i realized that because i am at home with abigail right now, it would make more sense for me to design floral items with silk flowers instead of fresh. having a business where i can make beautiful things with flowers but still be at home brings me a lot of joy!

it started with flower crowns and dream catchers but i just added some very sweet flower headbands to my shop. eventually i would like to add floral hair clips, flower mobiles, flower monograms and cute pet collars; if you have any other ideas, please let me know! i also accept custom orders, so whatever the floral item might be, i would love to work on it for you!


there’s been a lot of great feedback the last couple of weeks on social media and i want to thank everyone for the encouragement. i have spent every waking moment with my baby and working on getting this little shop up and running.

welcome to bunches handmade flower co.!





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