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the end of summer


abby’s first summer has flown by! that’s how i think of everything these days… abby’s first this, abby’s first that. she makes all the seasons, holidays, etc feel new again! it’s on another level. i’m sure you mamas can relate:) since tomorrow is the first day of fall, i wanted to play catch up and finish up our summer.

i made sure to get a picture with abby during every hike we took. we called them nature naps because she would just pass out in the wrap while we walked:)


that view! 


her hands. oh my gosh it just kills me!

one of my favorite weekends was spent helping a friend with flowers for a wedding. i miss playing with flowers so much and it totally sparked an exciting new adventure i’ve been working hard on… more details coming soon!!

but honestly, how gorgeous are these hydrangeas? from her mother’s garden! i need some tips because it would be a dream to have these beauties in our front yard.



finally got our hands on one of eva’s chinneys donughnut cones.

no words.


steph and i had also been talking for weeks about going to the drive in movie theater and it was so worth it when we finally made the effort to go! it was comfy and relaxing to be outside, i was able to nurse abigail and she fell asleep for the night. win win. (we saw sully)


a highlight was labor day weekend and getting to see my girls!!!!! pure magic that the stars aligned for a quick trip and introducing my closest friends to abby made me so happy. i am grateful to have these wonderful people in my life. emily’s baby girl and abby are only eleven days apart and it made me teary eyed watching them play with each other and talk and just in general be the cutest babies ever together.





it was followed up with a not so fun moment though when abigail got sick for the first time last week. she had a cold and was running a low fever, poor girl. we were both more than relieved when it passed. this picture breaks my heart! had to happen some time i guess!


feeling better at church. this kid cracks me up! straight chillin.


after such a memorable summer, it’s blowing my mind that there are only three months left of 2016 and i’m determined to make them count!



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