our kitchen renovation: phase one

a month ago i posted about the beginnings of our kitchen renovation and things have finally settled down enough for me to write an update. we were traveling and then obviously trying to get much of the kitchen in working order because oh my goodness, living without one for 6 weeks? or so was wearing on us. actually, living without the kitchen wasn’t really the worst part. we used plastic plates and silverware and the bbq and steph’s parents brought their RV, which also has a tiny kitchen. it was the MESS on our first floor from everything being displaced.



when we got home from our new jersey trip, steph’s parents were here waiting for us and were so incredible in helping us with the reno. they put the IKEA cabinets together and installed them, which was not as straightforward as we had hoped (nothing ever is in this house) because the walls and floors are not straight or even.


i’m so grateful to have the demo behind us. we don’t use the front entrance (we literally don’t even have a key for the front door) so it is such a relief to walk into a bright, clean space every day when we come home. obviously it’s a huge work in progress – some things are just to help us in the between, like the laminate counters and my favorite little table as an island! –  but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.





  • order fridge
  • order dishwasher
  • plumbing and hook up dishwasher
  • toe kicks for ikea cabinets
  • baseboards
  • order and install ceiling fan
  • order and install hardware (ordered!)
  • clean up the back door + entry way
  • air vent
  • order ikea cabinets for around the fridge
  • touch up paint
  • find a light for over the sink
  • DIY harvest table


  • DIY vent hood
  • install vent above stove
  • install open shelving
  • backsplash
  • countertops
  • barn door for laundry room
  • ceiling lights for over the table and entry way
  • wood beams for vaulted ceiling
  • island
  • enlarge window over sink?
  • crown moulding on uppers

i am such a list-lover so i really need to re-write these phases and stick it on our (new and hopefully arriving soon!) refrigerator for motivation!


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