our kitchen renovation: demo

the day i’ve been waiting for since we moved has finally arrived!

our kitchen renovation wasn’t exactly in the plans for 2016 but after a little over a year of living with what has got to be one of the most disgusting kitchens ever, i texted steph to say that he needed to rip out the cabinets asap because i couldn’t take it any longer.

the mold and rot under the sink was getting 10x worse, the bugs, the “countertops” and cabinets that never came clean, the cigarette smoke stained walls, the dust hanging from the ceiling… i could go on. but i won’t. because i don’t want toΒ dwell too much on the nastiness that used to be our kitchen.

but to really appreciate it, lets just take a quick look back. our kitchen has goneΒ from this…





to this:




demo day wasn’t exactly as much as fun as it appears to be on tv but that doesn’t mean i was any less excited to see everything get ripped out and thrown into our fire pit. since this part of the house is an addition, there really wasn’t much character to preserve – except the brick that i will be white-washing this week! removing the old stove has given us a lot more flooring space that i hope will house a beautiful dining table in the near future:)

our ikea cabinets get delivered tomorrow so i will have another update then!


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