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Abby Lane


She’s here. 

A few days late and on her Uncle Joey’s birthday, Abby Lane made her appearance on April 30th at 3:55 am after only 20 minutes of pushing (thank goodness). My prayers were answered that Steph and I would be together when our daughter was born; I was given a blessing after church the weekend before and so many wonderful and calming things were said… it is a blessing I will never forget. My mom thought Abigail might come on Joey’s birthday, which made me nervous since Steph was supposed to be in Calgary for lacrosse – thankfully he stayed home that weekend because she was right!


We left the hospital right away but had to go back a few times to get Abby tested for jaundice. She is fine and is gaining weight now with lots of dirty diapers, just like she should. It definitely scared us, though, as first time parents. Luckily both of our families were here the week after she was born and gave us so much help and support so we could just focus on the baby.


Abigail is two weeks old and couldn’t be any sweeter. She sleeps really well (she is sleeping in the bed with us at night but also loves her bassinet and swing) and my only issue with breastfeeding has been a bit of an oversupply. It gives her the hiccups and some gas, making her fussy at times, but block feeding and trying different positions seems to be helping so far. She smiles, can turn her head and loves to look around all wide-eyed when she is awake.



Growing our family was my favorite decision we’ve ever made. Nothing is more important than our little miss Abby and my life has been changed in the best possible way. I was just telling a friend the other day how I want everyone to feel this. There is something so special about growing a human and having a baby I can’t even find the words.




We love you so much!


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