39 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate: Full Term

With my due date this Wednesday, I really hope this will be my last bumpdate! But our girl seems to be quite cozy in there. Thank you everyone for the calls and texts we are hoping it’s any day now!!

How far along: 39 weeks + 4. Any day now, baby girl…

Total weight gain: A couple more lbs than the recommended minimum but nothing too crazy


I stopped recognizing my legs after this picture

Stretch marks: Still no!

Maternity clothes: More like my husband’s sweats at this point. And pajamas.


Belly button: Very much out (and itchy!)

Sleep: This has become practically nonexistent over the last few weeks, which I guess is good practice :) The constant peeing I was prepared for, the night sweats… not so much. But I have noticed a difference in the last several nights, where I am able to sleep a bit longer and deeper than usual. Is that a sign?

Movement: She likes to rotate around in there so I make sure to do some stretching exercises every day plus some walking to hopefully keep her in the best possible birth position. It’s crazy how much things can change in a week, though, because last week I was still feeling her move a lot but now she seems to be running out of room and the only “kicks” I feel are long stretches. And lots of hiccups!

Cravings: Heartburn and indigestion seem to plague me no matter what I eat, what time, etc I truly cannot wait to eat food without the burning/need to throw up feeling. I have days where I want to eat everything and days I want to eat nothing…

Looking forward to: Going into labor and meeting our little miss! I just packed our hospital bag (slacker!), the car seat is in and now we are just playing the waiting game.








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