Brock House: A Year Later

I thought that once we bought this house a year ago, I’d be writing constantly about all of the updates, projects and inevitable DIY disasters we had gotten ourselves into. Don’t know what happened, but my last house post was April of 2015! We had only been living at Brock House a month or so and my parents were on their way for their first visit across the border.

So much has changed since then. My parents are getting ready for another trip north next month, but this year’s April visit will be to see their granddaughter. We have a nursery (that is almost finished…). We finished the guest room downstairs. We added a faux fireplace to the living room.

And now two weeks before my baby shower – that is at our house – we have ripped apart the upstairs in hopes of getting rid of the disgusting popcorn ceiling, refinishing the floors, finishing up the nursery and master bedroom. It looks like we just moved in all over again and everything needs to be set to rights by next weekend. Making me a little nervous over here!

It’s funny because when we bought the house of course I had a vision of what I wanted each room to look like as we renovated. But somewhere down the line I felt like letting the old house take the lead. Instead of making it fit in with my Pinterest board farmhouse inspirations, each room has more traditional elements than I ever would have expected. Somehow almost every room is a similar shade of yellow and I have teal chairs in front of my fireplace. I have yet to paint a room a true white, which is probably a good thing since we don’t have a lot of windows and white in the dark can look cold and uninviting, but again – unexpected.

Sometimes I get stuck wanting one thing but see another and know that it’s exactly right (haha that’s life, right?). I LOVE that almost every piece of furniture we have has a history. Or will one day be replaced with one :) It’s a rare day when I say to Steph I’d like to buy “new” because vintage will always be my preference. You just can’t beat an antique.

I’m not going to end with a laundry list of all that is left to do on this house. 1) It’s already on the fridge and 2) it still doesn’t come close to all that truly needs to be done. But that’s okay. It’s only been a year and we have made a lot of progress! And we’ll see what kind of projects I get myself into while on maternity leave over the year to come… my poor husband.





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