30 Weeks Pregnant Update: Almost There!

20 week pregnancy update is here – can’t believe how much the bump has grown!!


{the night I sprained a rib from coughing so much! excruciating. also the first night I’ve gotten dressed up this entire pregnancy}

How far along: 30 weeks. Time is flying!

Total weight gain: I’m officially over the 25 pound suggested minimum…

Stretch marks: Nothing yet. I’ve been pretty diligent with rubbing on plain coconut oil so maybe that is helping?

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I live in my one pair of maternity jeans from H&M that I had to buy during our Quebec trip!

Belly button: Still in but definitely changes depending on baby’s position… or how much I’ve eaten by the end of the day :)

Sleep: Same as before – I wake up every few hours, tossing and turning and having to pee at least once. I’ve also been very sick the last few weeks with a head cold and that is making it even more difficult to sleep. The doctor gave me Rhinocort, which has helped a ton with being able to breathe however my cough is being super stubborn!

Movement: Little miss might have some long legs (or maybe it’s just my short torso) but her feet really like to kick all the way up in my ribs these days. I can also see her rolling around from the outside now and can literally sit and watch my belly for hours because it is so fascinating! I’ve probably said this before but I LOVE the baby kicks… they are for sure the best part about being pregnant.

Cravings: First trimester fatigue and nausea has returned and so have my cravings for apples (at least one every day!), plain carbs and sweets. I have to try hard not to have dessert every day. Did pass the gestational diabetes test, though, so that’s a plus! I also have been dealing with low blood pressure – almost fainting several times at church and work – so the amount of water and herbal tea I drink is crazy.

Looking forward to: Seeing my friends and family in March for the baby shower!

Gender: GIRL!


{amazing what good lighting can do, am I right?!}


{some chocolate chip banana bread for valentine’s day}


{baby bump + our sweet pup, who obviously didn’t want to be cuddled}


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