Baby Girl


Even though we found out at our 20 week ultrasound that the little babe was a girl, I haven’t really been too public about it for fear that the tech was wrong – at first she said boy but then immediately corrected herself and decided girl! I felt really stressed out after that (I am not a fan of surprises and definitely wanted to know the sex!) and a co-worker found aΒ great wagjag deal for a 15 minute 3D ultrasound, so Steph and I took a quick trip during our lunch hour last week to Tiny Hearts.

This place was like a spa! There was a huge screen set up and we got to confirm the gender that she is indeed a GIRL and that there is a reason I crave apples all the time because oh my goodness she was moving a ton after my mid-morning snack. And I must say, littleΒ miss also looks quite a bit like her mama :)


{27 week baby bump!}


I did buy a bunch of girl clothes after the original ultrasound, with those adorable booties being the very first thing. I know some moms are collecting bows these days but I have a feeling I am going to be a baby sock hoarder. Which might be tough, because our other daughter is obsessed with chewing on socks…


Evolet generally prefers Steph over me but every once in awhile she curls up to the belly and makes my heart melt. Can’t wait to see ourΒ two babies together!


5 thoughts on “Baby Girl

  1. I really am so excited that we’re both having girls. I mean I would have been excited if you were having a boy too of course but there is just something so sweet about little girls due a day apart from each other!!! I CANNOT wait for them to meet for the first time. I’m going to take about 10 million pictures and submit them to the Queens magazine hahaha! Love you Jac! XOXO – Em


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