Christmas Traditions and What Christmas Means to Me

There are gifts under the tree that finally has lights, we just finished our mantle (details in an upcoming post!) and my parents surprised us with a quick 24-hour visit and now it officially feels like Christmas!


There has been quite a bit of tradition talk in our house lately. We’re starting a family, the holidays are here and we are hosting our first Christmas ever – at our under-renovation home. Since we are hosting Steph’s family (mine is heading to New Jersey), I want to be mindful of honoring their traditions while still including a few that I grew up with. It’s a lot of pressure, not to mention tricky to combine the traditions that are meaningful to us separately and create new ones that are unique to us as a couple.

  • Cut down our own Christmas tree, but on American Thanksgiving (I would love to start a Thankful tree on Canadian Thanksgiving and fill it in until American Thanksgiving, where we take the day off and watch the parade, bake and cut down our tree!)
  • Paint a new Christmas ornament every year
  • Have turkey on Christmas Day
  • Include a fish dish on Christmas Eve (Italian tradition!)
  • Candy in your Christmas stocking
  • Sing Christmas songs and have someone dress up as Santa to drop off presents (this has been a Christmas Eve tradition in my family for over 50 years)
  • Make cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning
  • Christmas Eve PJs!

Painting ornaments this year with my sister in law, who has the best collection of paint, ever!


And here are a few that I would like to include as our family grows…

  • Attend a Christmas choir concert
  • Go to the local tree lighting ceremony
  • Build a gingerbread house
  • Read Christmas books underneath the Christmas tree
  • Read a Christmas scripture countdown (I’m currently following this one!)
  • Create an advent calendar for our family that is service-oriented

I don’t know what it says about us that a chunk of these traditions revolve around food :) And even though traditions are great and create a tangible way to show what Christmas means to you as a family, it’s most important that we teach our kids to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Steph and I are both so attached to traditions and to the idea of creating new ones, it really makes me look forward to the future as a sweet little family of three! I’m sure the holidays next year will feel completely different being a mama:)

I hope you are taking a few minutes to slow down and enjoy the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas!



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