First Trimester

August 26th – test day

It is so exciting for me to write these words! We’re pregnant!!

I had so many symptoms, but since they all feel like PMS, I made myself wait until I officially had missed my period.

Which can be tough, because I’m not the most regular. But I think deep down I knew it wasn’t coming this month.

At least I was hoping and praying!

After some strange insomnia from 2-5 AM, bouts of dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, putting jalapenos on everything, soreness, and random crying jags later…

I came home from working at the flower shop and immediately took the test I bought earlier while picking up my thyroid prescription. I couldn’t believe how quickly those two pink lines showed up. Cue more crying :)

Steph was out grabbing a meal with friends so I had to wait and wait and try to keep myself from spilling the beans over text while convincing him to come home early.

I met him at the door with the biggest smile on my face and he looked so confused, expecting me to complain about him being out too late.

Then I held up the pregnancy test and his smile matched mine.

This baby is the most important thing that has happened to us in life and I cannot believe we have been blessed with this tiny miracle so soon after trying.


FullSizeRender (7)

September 17th – ultrasound 8 weeks 1 day

We were lucky enough to get an early ultrasound – seeing the babe and it’s little heart beating strong was just the coolest thing. I couldn’t believe what we were seeing! We were also happy to get a solid due date – April 27! – and find out how far along we really are. My doctor had given me a requisition for a pelvic ultrasound along with my yearly thyroid ultrasound (back when I had had my annual physical. pregs and didn’t know it!), otherwise we would have been waiting until the 12 week mark.

I’m not a patient person so what a blessing in disguise that was.

Although now we’ll be waiting until December for the next one… where we will get to find out if it’s a girl or boy.

We told our families a few weeks after we found out and shared the news with our closest friends after the ultrasound.

Like right after. I sent them a snap outside the office :) It’s been great not having to hold it in anymore, especially since one of my girlfriends is also pregnant and is due at the same time! We have been commiserating about morning sickness, which strangely hits at 8 pm like clockwork for me. Sorry for the TMI.


September 24th – hospital visit

I had a bleeding scare while at work and ended up spending five hours at the hospital with some very sweet co-workers since Steph was out of town. The ultrasound showed that everything was fine and as it should be – but unfortunately they do not show you the screen while in emergency so I never even got to see the baby!

Nausea and vomiting has been horrible and only seems to get worse, especially at night but there are plenty of days where I feel hungover from the second I wake up. I can’t eat anything with cooked tomatoes, like sauce or soup and my usual favorites like salsa, eggs, green juice and burgers sound awful.

Give me all the fruit and plain carbs. Which is why this is no surprise…

Bloating is a huge issue (literally) and I might has well look 4 or 5 months pregnant already. It’s not like I really had a flat stomach to begin with but I definitely can’t keep my skinny jeans buttoned any more and it’s only 9 weeks!

October 27th – almost 14 weeks

Haven’t updated around here lately because all I’ve been doing for weeks and weeks is throwing up. But since the first trimester is practically over, I’m hoping that will become a thing of the past :) The food I was eating last month wasn’t really working this month and it seems to change every day what my stomach will or will not tolerate. Does this mean our kid is going to be the pickiest eater on the planet or what?

A real bump seems to be growing, not just bloat anymore, which is exciting but kind of weird at the same time. The dog has also been snuggling up to my belly at night. Hilarious because most of the time she will only cuddle with Steph – I wonder if she can tell.

I finally posted a picture on Facebook to announce the little one and we’re so grateful the well wishes from our friends and family!


Prayers for an easier second trimester :)


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