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28 sure does feel old! Didn’t I just graduate college? No? Okay.

Since I had to work on my birthday, Steph and I met for lunch on Friday and he surprised me with a couples massage, which was glorious. I wish I could get a massage once a month because I swear I was standing 3 inches taller afterwards! I thought we would end up cooking at home for dinner, but we went out for Italian instead and out for ice cream. Steph didn’t even get any, but I can never turn down a cone :)

jax sweet shoppe

On our way back to the house, we passed a few farms and had some fun petting the animals… the cows, goats, llamas and chickens are all so cute. I wish we could have our own!

cows dundas farm

Saturday night we randomly went to see some stock car racing at the local speedway, which was a lot more fun than any of us expected. It was so nice to sit outside but not be attacked by bugs, which is always the case when in our backyard.

flamborough speedway

Sunday morning we went to church and decided on an afternoon hike because the weather was perfect but of course it started to thunder and rain towards the end (thankfully it was after we saw the waterfalls). It literally almost always rains on my birthday or whichever day we are celebrating… I think I can count on one hand how many sunny birthdays I’ve had!

dundas waterfalls

We opened presents and ate cake during the rainstorm – two, actually! Ice cream cake and a slice of key lime pie. Ridiculous for two people, I know, but he was so sweet to get me ice cream cake and the key lime is kind of a North Carolina family tradition so my parents asked him to pick one up for me.

key lime pie

So sweet and thoughtful of them to remember that:)


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