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Girl’s Trip to Charlotte


Charlotte! It was so good to see you. After a crazy travel debacle that included an expired passport, I couldn’t believe I made it back to below the Mason Dixon! I sure am lucky.

Even luckier that I got to spend the good ol’ Fourth of July home in the states, and the absolute luckiest that I was able see my parents and best friends. I missed them something fierce and cried like a baby when it was time to leave their sweet faces.


The first thing I did was go shopping with my mama and out to a yummy dinner with my parents. There were also several trips to Chelsea’s country club pool and a stop at our alma mater, where we dressed up Diana in Steph’s lacrosse gear :) The grounds have changed so much but it’s just as beautiful and peaceful as ever. I love that campus! Steph and I were just talking about how we wish we had lived on campus all four years, because it’s just that great!

queens-university-diana living-wall-queens-university

There were about 1456789 trips to Dean & Deluca, including a delicious dinner in the restaurant section. I couldn’t resist the charcuterie board and it did not disappoint! Must make a note to recreate this at home for the hubby.


I debated bringing home these Carolina BBQ sauces and it’s too bad they don’t make travel sizes because I would have been all over that.


Once all of us girls arrived we headed to Ru San’s for their sushi buffet. We were literally lined up at the door before they opened for lunch.


On our way back from sushi… caught my Marge mid dance to Cheerleader… you can see me smiling in the rearview mirror because this girl can make us laugh like no one else!!


4th of July was the main event. Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, we still had a blast at the pool, eating our traditional mozzi sticks and soaking up as much sun as we could. We also put on a big family dinner (just like the ones we used to have every week senior year!) and talked for hours and hours and hours. So much to catch up on!


Em’s missing from the pool pic because she was the photog… but I got to play photographer, too, and helped her out with some pictures for her fabulous style blog. So much fun and she is gorgeous so the girl can’t take a bad pic ;) Check them out here and here!!


Since I had to re-route my flight back to Canada, I ended up getting an extra day with my fam, which worked out pretty perfectly. A sunny pool day, delicious mexi dinner out with our neighbors and some flower pictures with the bouquet I put together (check those out here). Best way to end the weekend!

Carolina, you were good to me! We are already planning our next girl’s trip…


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