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Pink Peonies and Baptisia

I have been such a slacker with our house updates (sorry, Dad!) but am distracted by flowers :) After putting in nine hours at the shop today, I came home to find some of our pink peonies in bloom and instead of painting… I spent an hour playing photographer in our front yard. I couldn’t help myself! Worth the dozen new bug bites, for sure.

It was also fun to play with some new pieces I picked up at the antique fair a few weekends ago. This oversized picnic basket needs a farmer’s market morning ASAP and the galvanized buckets are perfect for holding my cut blooms. I feel a basket obsession/collection coming on…

cottage-garden peonies basket-of-flowers baptisia-flowers baptisia pink-peonies

In other news, Steph and I are basically roommates with approximately 6 bunnies, a fox, a dozen robins and 1,000 mosquitos. Oh, and I can’t forget the ants. And today’s ducks! I was walking Evolet before work and was crossing our front yard when oh my word the cutest baby ducks were waddling along the side of our house! I think we scared them because they hid in the Boston ferns and one got stuck near our basement window. I helped it out but couldn’t hold on to it… with Evy’s cute little nose poking out under the deck we made quite a scene. It was killing me that I didn’t have my phone or camera on me! The cutest.

I wonder what we’ll see next…


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