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Lilac & Lily of the Valley

There is quite a bit of beauty in front of my laptop and the bouquet’s scent keeps wafting over… I’m sorry you can’t scratch and sniff these pictures because I am smelling the most delicious fragrance as I type this!

We actually have a ton of allium and lilac blooming on our property right and since I took home some purple calla lilies from work, today’s floral arrangement is 50 shades of purple :) The lily of the valley (also sprouting up everywhere) is delicate and sweet – I just adore it. And the SMELL. HEAVENLY.

allium-purple-sensation lilac-flower-arrangement lilac-flower-arrangement lilac-flower-arrangement lilac-flower-arrangement lily-of-the-valley lily-of-the-valley lily-of-the-valley

It seems like every other day something new is flowering in our yard and I just want to play with it all! Steph humors me and asks if “stealing” our flowers to make arrangements will become a nightly occurrence and boy, do I sure hope so.

Happy Friday! xo


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