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Family Visit + Brock House Progress Pics!

Happy Monday, friends! So many photos to share of all the amazing house work our families helped us with last week while they were in town.

I got the spare room ready after picking up the bed frame but sadly we will probably be living with these periwinkle walls for quite awhile longer. Steph’s grandma made that quilt for us and I love it.

farmhouse bedroomfarmhouse bedroom

My parents arrived Saturday so after Steph and I filed our taxes (blah), we met them at Emma’s so we could eat lunch with a view of the lake. They literally just got their passports and this was their very first trip to come visit me in Canada! I was glad they got to experience some of cute downtown Burlington since we didn’t have much time do to any other sightseeing. Next time :)

And then it was on to the demo – the guys didn’t want to waste any time, that’s for sure. We are so lucky the walls I wanted to take down weren’t supporting walls and it ended up being a lot easier for them than expected.

taking down a walltaking down a walltaking down a wall

We laid out a small brunch for Easter Sunday at our place (fresh hydrangeas from Whole Foods!) and then went over to my sister-in-law’s for dinner. I loved having our families together for a holiday – everyone got along so well and the food was amazing. Of course I brought dessert.

easter brunchhomemade carrot cakehomemade carrot cake

Carrot cake recipe here.

With the walls down, Monday consisted of the guys ripping up our old floors and installing the sub floors, which involved a bunch of work in the basement to the original beams since we wanted our floor to actually be level.

old pine floorsinstall sub flooringinstall sub flooringinstall sub flooring

My mom, mother-in-law and I supervised… and weeded the front yard (which is in rough shape. how do I not have a before pic of this mess?!). I’m super curious about what’s going to come up this spring and summer!

front yard

Our parents were able to fix up the living room to the point where we just have to re-install some of the wainscoting, sand/paint and find some floors. They also worked some magic on our electrical, switched out our washer and dryer, trimmed trees, got our pathetic excuse for internet up and running, cleaned our kitchen/basement/garage half a dozen times, made that many trips to the dump, and MacGyvered our gutters for the time being. I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of other things, too, and we are so grateful!

One other major thing was the upstairs bathroom. My mom really wanted a project and it honestly couldn’t have turned out more perfect.


Scary bathroom pic from when we first viewed the house.

After they arrived on Saturday, we snuck off to visit a few antique shops in the area (I’d been waiting for her to get here!) but wasn’t expecting to find anything. As we were about to leave the Freelton Antique Mall, I spotted this beauty and couldn’t believe our luck!

vintage sideboard

This 1930’s sideboard was exactly what I wanted to replace the old vanity. We also found a industrial-esque light fixture (that ironically, mom had just been telling me about in Pottery Barn) at the Habitat ReStore for $20. Done!

bathroom vanitygrey paint bathroom

Paint is CIL Designer Grey. Originally chose Pelican but it looked white so I had it darkened just a little bit. I just need to note how much picking out paint stresses me out – it is hard! I’m also pretty boring. Neutrals, neutrals and more neutrals.

antique door knobs

Those door knobs. I’m obsessed.

industrial bulb lightantique vanity bathroom

Finding a sink that would fit proved to be tricky but I think the vessel sink actually looks so much better than the drop in would have. In this room we have to finish up some moulding, fix the tub and its plumbing and decorate :) I’m on the hunt for a rug and a mirror – feeling inspired by this and this right now.

After a crazy long week of hard work, we all met up for a big family dinner at Joe Badali’s before Steph’s lacrosse game at the ACC. My parents have been watching on the computer for years so it made me so happy to bring them to a game in person!

joe badali's toronto

Hopefully next trip there won’t be so much work to do! THANK YOU to this great family of mine :)


8 thoughts on “Family Visit + Brock House Progress Pics!

  1. Wow!!! I’m so impressed, I actually got so excited scrolling through these pictures. GREAT JOB everybody :) Can’t wait to see the place in person Jackie, it’s going to be stunning.


  2. I can’t believe how much progress you guys have already made! This is going to such a cool project for you and Steph to work on together – you will always remember this! And how much cooler to live in a house that you guys BUILT and designed yourself!! I can’t wait to come visit you some day!! Love you!! – Em


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