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Weekend + Week 3

This past week flew by and I wish I had more to report on any house progress. Sometimes it is hard for me to get motivated when Steph is gone and this past weekend he was in Calgary for lacrosse. I did have plans to clean the spare room but it wouldn’t have made much a difference though, because I was sick with a terrible stomach flare. I haven’t had one in forever but thankfully I had a few pills left over from my last hospital trip and my belly seems to be on the mend. I did try to clean the floors in the living room and yet, they still look like a complete wreck.

Testing out paint colors… this is Behr’s Barely Brown. Which Steph says looks pink.

barely brown behr paint

There was one fun purchase, though! After throwing up all Friday night, I woke up early, packed up the puppy and drove two hours each way to pick up our new guest bed. I’m in love with it… but am SO sad that it’s not a queen size – it’s exactly what I envisioned for our master bedroom. Now we just need a mattress and some sheets before Saturday, which is when our visitors are set to arrive!

vintage bed

An afternoon siesta didn’t help my stomach one bit but there was no way I was missing General Women’s Session so I grabbed my computer and drove over to Starbucks to watch and drink a smoothie. We don’t have internet at our house yet (I’ve officially gone over my data and our month has barely started. oops) otherwise I would have stayed in bed. The talks were so inspiring and I love how they centered around building up the family.

lds women's session 2015

We also handed over the keys to our condo after church on Sunday, which made me feel nostalgic and sad. It was a great little place and it was harder than I thought to say goodbye to our newlywed apartment! Once we got home we cooked up a storm and chatted in the kitchen since it felt like we hadn’t seen one another in forever.

bacon wrapped potato wedges

Bacon wrapped potato wedges! The first meal off my Spring Menu Bucket List is complete. And it was delicious :)


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