Don’t let this cute picture fool you. This little lady is none too happy about moving into her new home.

She tries to escape out the back door and keeps pulling me towards the car every time I take her out on the leash. I don’t blame her – it hasn’t been a picnic the last few days, that’s for sure. I hope that once we clean up a few rooms she’ll relax and start to feel a little bit more comfortable.

Am I talking about the dog or myself here? Hmm…

I don’t know why I bothered trying to add any cute touches to the kitchen because last night we started to prime some of the walls in there and it’s a mess all over again. But thank you to everyone who mentioned the Kilz brand to me – it’s definitely starting to help with the smoke smell. I might get a head start applying it in the smaller bedroom upstairs, too, since it looks like we’ll have our FIRST VISITORS really, really soon! We’re very excited :)


Our “new normal” Monday night activities.

This corner is always so dark and I’d love to brighten it up a bit – especially since it’s such a unique and charming feature in the kitchen. There was a dart board (seems kind of dangerous to me, no?) on that small wall however I think it’s destined for some chalkboard paint! I also came across this pin about distressing unattractive brick and might be the perfect way to transition it into our white color palette.

We shall see…

new home quote


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