Spring Menu Bucket List

Happy Friday – and more importantly – Happy First Day of Spring! Even though southern Ontario is still experiencing temperatures in the 30s and 40s, the sun has been shining and I’ve even seen people in shorts. Very brave.

I associate food with everything, including the changing of seasons, and had an urge to create a pretty little graphic with my menu bucket list for this spring. Weird, right? And I have to be honest here – summer, fall and winter menus were made, too. I don’t know what got into me last night! But I’m always going on and on to Steph about dinners I want to cook and desserts I want to bake and of course, I forget or life just gets in the way. This spring I am determined to make every dish on this list!

spring menu ideas

Three will be crossed off pretty quickly because I’m planning on the homemade pop-tarts for conference weekend and then homemade Reese’s eggs and carrot cake for Easter.

Should I print out the bucket list and attach it to an imaginary perfectly-decorated bulletin board in our imaginary clean white kitchen? :) A girl can dream…


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