I can’t believe a week has gone by since we got the keys to our house. Every single surface is positively filthy – it’s hard to believe the place wasn’t vacant – so we are especially grateful to have our condo until the end of the month. We are trying to make every minute count as far as free time goes, driving over there and attempting to make it livable before we officially move in.

It’s been difficult to keep everyone updated with pictures so here they are, all in one spot. Pictures really don’t do the place justice as far as stink and dirt goes, though:) I grouped them by room so you can see (some?) progress.


The previous owners were heavy smokers and since I’m allergic (and because it was gross), the carpet was ripped up ASAP and the popcorn ceiling was taken down… we still have a lot more left to remove in other parts of the house but I really, really appreciate my sweet husband for tackling that project. I have washed the walls down but don’t think the smell is going anywhere until we paint with a heavy duty primer. We also removed the corners of the moulding and will replace them with something more modern. Down the road we will need to fix the floors or replace them, and that little wall needs to come down. It was originally separating the old kitchen/living space before the addition was built about thirty or so years ago.

living room renovationliving room renovationripping up carpetold hard wood floorsvintage wainscottingvintage wainscottingvintage wainscottingvintage moulding remove popcorn ceilings


Surprise! Mouse poop, unfinished cabinets filled with cobwebs, walls dripping with nicotine and laminate flooring that doesn’t like to stay in place. Yikes. And I am missing photos from the entire other side of the room… oops! We washed down every surface and Steph took down the ceiling fan that had turned yellow and had at least an inch of grime and dust stuck onto it, but I think it still gets my vote for Grossest Room in the House. However, I’m thankful that the cabinets should be easy to paint (white, of course) and there are really beautiful ceilings in this space, which will look lovely with some wood beams added. This room is next on the list to paint, or at least prime to reduce the smell.

kitchendirty kitchen renovation removing wallpapercleaning unfinished wood cabinetscleaning walls smoker


I love this room. The upstairs is a bit cleaner than the rest of the house, but still needs a lot of work. I think in the three bedrooms we are going to do beadboard ceilings over the popcorn, which will be such a charming feature. I had a mini meltdown the first day I went over and tried to paint this room by myself, resulting in a pretty awful job (cobwebs covering every single wall – even where the bed used to be!). After that episode, we went and picked out a pretty, semi-gloss white. I’m planning on staining the doors, maybe adding some dark wood over the seams where the beadboard connects and fixing up the closet.

dark green bedroom wallswhite bedroom

I just want to thank the friends and family helping us with this new adventure! Scraping wallpaper, painting, donating appliances, answering our 1000x questions (sorry, mom and dad!) and just in general being excited for us. This place has so much potential and I’m grateful Steph and I have the chance to work together and make it our own.

Ha and here’s a quick selfie in the upstairs bathroom mirror… snacking, of course :) 0% Greek yogurt slightly frozen tastes like ice cream. Yum!).

Should have more pictures after Week 2! xo

bathroom mirror


8 thoughts on “BROCK HOUSE: WEEK 1

  1. Looks great Jackie!
    Sean’s been filling me in on the progress and hard work you guys are doing over there… its so nice seeing pictures of the place! I can’t WAIT to see the updates you guys make… it’s going to be gorgeous!


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