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Life in Snaps: the Weekend

Wow this weekend was a fun one! Friday was crazy, with me in a mad rush to get home from work to let Evy out, give her her pill and then make the 5:45 train downtown for Steph’s game (made the train with a minute to spare!). My in-laws came to the home opener as well and I have to say… everything is more fun with their babies around. The little ones are just so sweet! My husband was gone on Saturday for another lacrosse game so I used that as an opportunity to clean up around the condo, do a little bit of shopping and binge on Netflix :) The only thing I picked up were some adorable mittens at Aldo that were on sale for under $3. I would have grabbed them in every color but they were the last pair in the entire store!

There were some beautiful talks at church on Sunday about strengthening families. It was so uplifting to hear from other people in our ward that I came home and watched a few more online. Reading/watching conference talks is one of my favorite Sunday activities… and so is baking! We made this flourless peanut butter cookie recipe together (subbed regular sugar for the brown sugar and left out the chocolate chips) and topped with just a little but of Crofter’s jam… they definitely hit the spot. Steph was also able to fix a few things on my car – which I appreciate SO much – hopefully that thing will last just a little bit longer.

baby-headphonesIsa’s first lacrosse game! Aren’t her headphones the cutest?! Sorry for the weird filter/crazy eyes but this was the day after one of my laser eye surgery sessions and they were still pretty irritated. One more session to go!

ImageAlmost 12k people for the game! Our peanut butter cookies and a quick dressing room snap from Tommy Hilfiger :) So ready for spring in this tunic top!

monogram-mugMy new mittens!

I hope y’all had a good weekend, too! I can’t wait for Friday to get here already…


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