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To Do List: 15 in 2015

In typical Jackie fashion, instead of traditional “New Year’s resolutions” I’m creating a 2015 to-do list. As an avid list-maker, this format is way more enticing to me and will hopefully ensure that I actually follow through :) I think this list will also be a jumping-off point for something much larger, perhaps a lifetime to-do list my husband and I can create together… just filled to the brim with goals and dreams, large and small, that we would love to accomplish someday.


  1. Have a salad a day (juice or green smoothie counts!)
  2. Start a fitness routine… and stick to it
  3. Finish decorating our condo (on hold because we bought a house!)
  4. Buy a house 3/6
  5. Read my scriptures daily
  6. Complete a service project
  7. Sew a modest summer dress
  8. Travel somewhere cold and mountainous
  9. Travel somewhere warm and beachy
  10. Take a class on something new
  11. Pay off my credit cardΒ  1/12
  12. Be kinder to everyone I speak to
  13. Go to a concert
  14. Be more conscious of my social media/phone usage
  15. I’m not going to write the last one here.. only because it’s private and well, this blog is public!

I could probably keep going but lets be honest, 15 in 2015 sounds pretty cute! One other thing I would like to work on is my blog, filling it with records of what ourΒ little family is up to.

Can’t wait to look back on this list a year from now and see how many things I’ve crossed off!

Matt Chandler Ecclesiastes


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