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Happy Tuesday! Since my girlfriends and I are always trading tips on different products (most recently skincare) I thought I would also share on my blog. We are all big fans of Murad but it has taken me a long to finally settle into a routine that works for me. 

I have put my super-sensitive skin through the ringer the last 10+ years… over a decade of trying every single line in Target and the pharmacy, Dermalogica, Proactiv, pills for cystic hormonal acne, different sulfur treatments, turmeric masks, coconut oil, sleeping with milk of magnesia on my face… you name it, I tried it. In 2013 to get ready for my wedding, I started using a Clarisonic, but with cheaper brands and that combined with stress, stomach issues that put me in the hospital and flying all the time, my skin was an absolute wreck and I was wearing a lot of makeup to hide it (which of course makes it worse). I just felt like one big clogged pore! Disgusting, I know. The big day came and went with zero improvement on the skincare front. 

After more Murad recommendations from my girlfriends, I finally went and got a facial using their products and was hooked. They can be a little pricey (but nowhere near the amounts of other brands) so I started using one or two products at a time, combined with a makeup detox. First was the AHA/BHA cleanser and the Face Perfecting Lotion, then the Daily Foaming Cleanser and this Correcting Moisturizer, which is great for summer since it’s light and helps with redness. Kate Somerville’s Anti-Bac has been life-changing and with Murad’s Pore Reform, blackheads/pimples have been seriously reduced and I am so grateful :)

I get super curious about what other girls use so hopefully my little story might help someone else! I’d love to know your skincare secrets in the comments! xoxo

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  1. definitely need to look into this – every “sensitive skin” moisturizer makes me breakout and my poor face is so dry but feel like using a moisturizer is making it worse with the constant breakouts.


  2. Last year when I started using Murad – I use the acne collection mostly – I saw a huge difference, I guess I have to attribute some of that too to working out more on a regular basis and eating healthier! I am now a avid supporter of Murad and won't switch to anything else! I love the variety of products they have too, I have super sensitive skin, but even their acne products are gentle and nice!


    1. My pores were my biggest concern – and cystic acne is the absolute worst! A friend of mine is also dealing with something similar and has starting trying Murad. Let me know if it works for you! :)


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