TGI (almost!) F! Since tomorrow will be one week since our cleanse finished up, I am hoping to answer all of the questions we received and write a little recap. 

I just want to start off by saying that we didn’t do the 3-day cleanse currently listed on the website – that one has more greens but wasn’t available at our time of purchase. The pineapple, lemon and cashew drinks taste amazing and definitely make transitioning easy on the newbie who isn’t used to it. But since Steph and I have been juicing pretty consistently since the spring, we agreed we should have upped the greens factor and could have done without so much fruit.

Not enough greens was the only downside to the cleanse. I didn’t really experience any major cravings, was never starving and when I got hungry I just reached for another juice! My skin was clear and we were both able to stay focused throughout the day without our morning cup o’ joe. Speaking of coffee – those withdrawals are not fun. Not so much the cravings but the first day I had a horrible headache and my legs were extremely sore during the entire three day cleanse.

Now on to y’alls FAQs! (how cute is my husband??)

juice cleanse toronto


1. What was your favorite flavor? They were all yummy! My least favorite was the beet juice and both the lemon and pineapple flavors made me want to have a tropical drink with a little umbrella on a beach somewhere..
2. Were the juices enough to keep you from feeling hungry? I thought so. You’re not stuffed, or full like you would be from eating a sandwich but there are enough juices to have one every 2-3 hours. You are constantly drinking something. As soon as I started to feel tired (or in Steph’s case, really cranky lol) it was time for a juice.
3. If you get hungry, what can you eat? CEDAR gives you a small pamphlet that says you can have raw veggies like carrots or half an avocado if you really need something! 
4. Can you still workout while cleansing? My husband did, but he is an athlete and didn’t seem all that affected by it. I chose not to… but that’s pretty standard anyway :)
5. How close do you have to be to a bathroom? Sorry not much to report! TMI? But a question everyone wanted to know the answer to! I went to work all three days, had to pee every 10 minutes and that was pretty much it. Because I have so many internal stomach issues, I am pretty diligent about keeping myself regular so maybe I just didn’t have to? Or it could have been the fruity juices vs not having enough greens. More green juices might have made a difference in this department.

If you are considering doing a juice cleanse, we recommend that you start juicing in the mornings on your own, either with a juicer (this is the one we use it is only $99 and is amazing!!) or just stop by a health food store and pick up a cold-pressed veggie juice. But going zero to sixty on this is probably a recipe for failure. Get your palate (and stomach!) used to drinking your greens and then try a cleanse.

If you’re ready to try a juice cleanse now, CEDAR is offering 10% off with coupon code Leblancs at checkout! If you have any other questions we didn’t answer above please let me know:) 

Thank you again to CEDAR Juice for partnering with us on our first cleanse! xo


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