Steph, Evy and I headed north for the long weekend – cottage country in Canada is really beautiful even if the weather isn’t always the best. But we did have one super nice day! Lots of hiking, fishing, four wheeling and cooking. And my mother-in-law has officially passed on a love for pottery… there are some of the cutest pottery shops tucked in the mountains. One of my best friends makes amazing pieces, too, and it is addicting to see my pretty mug collection grow. Expensive little habit, though :) Evolet was in heaven the whole time with so much space to run around outside. She loved coming on walks with us and was especially obsessed with the fish. I’ve never seen her so excited! It was a great weekend spent eating yummy food, enjoying the beautiful scenery and spending quality time with family. A break was just what we needed after all this moving craziness.

I hope you had a fun Victoria Day weekend (or have a good upcoming Memorial Day weekend planned). Happy Tuesday!


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