merry christmas!

DSC_0562 2
{anthro cookie stamp! cute addition to gift wrap}
Merry Christmas! :) Since we are all going to be scattered on December 25th, my parents, sister, brother and I decided to celebrate a little bit early. The holidays are usually spent in New Jersey (but I’ll be with my husband in Toronto this year) so it was actually our first “Christmas” at home in North Carolina.
I’m going to miss everyone so much but I’m excited to have a beautiful white Christmas with my in-laws and of course spend time with my husband. What I’m not excited about? Bringing Evolet on a plane for the first time – any tips on traveling with crazy pets? Hopefully it goes smoothly but you never know with our little Evy…
To end on a fashion note, I love this classy yet cozy outfit! Especially with my new Sole Society booties, which I scored on sale during Black Friday. I’ve worn them almost every day since they arrived on my doorstep. Perfection.
How are you spending the holidays this year?


6 thoughts on “merry christmas!

  1. Love your brown paper gift wrap, I am all about simple and rustic :) & LOVE the quote you ended your post with “Faith will get you everywhere, you just wait.” VERY encouraging to me on this Monday! Thank you :)


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